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Book 2


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On the run, Rose escaped the clutches of The League saving Marshal and her mother; now she seeks refuge with a bloodline connection lost through time. The Sirens have committed themselves to protect the Bestower’s gifts and as Rose steps up as the protector of the amethyst, she has to face the consequences of her betrayal, grasp the strength of her magic, and warn the Sirens of the danger that is coming. An old King’s mission to bring creatures and beings of the supernatural kind into the light, now lives on in the heart of the angriest souls living in the shadows. The League will not stop until the frenzy is revived, and the gifts have been retrieved; a war is stirring. Rose and The Sirens must fight back.

Moonbroch Character Profiles

Rose Aldred

Marshal Eckers

Garian Aldred

Vameera Dumond

Sekhmet || Goddess of War

Oya || Medjai General

Dahlia Rossi

Aster Rossi

Uva Rossi

Strix Maskin || Grim King

Vasha || Grimmer

Amber || Grimmer

Arvana || The Sea Queen

Artur Enganador

Farron || Grimmer

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