Book #1, TBR Series 

Being an outsider amongst family can be very lonely, Rose knows this well. Sticking to her routine helped keep her out of the way, from constant glares and questions regarding the gifts she did not possess. As Rose got older, anger and resentment fueled growth as she sparred in the arena, the one place where she was better than her faultless stepbrother. With her 21st birthday on the horizon, Rose is tasked with standing before The League, protectors of mystics and creatures. Though dreading the day, she thinks maintaining control will keep her on the narrow path but a deviation may be what she needs. Accidentally catching a conversation not meant for her, a part of her past is revealed, leaving her with questions that are desperately in need of an answer. Discovering a death swept under the rug, Rose begins to see that The League has a darker agenda. Putting freedom on the line to find the truth, the lies uncovered may shake the very foundation of her world. 

C.J. Rodgers, Fantasy Adventure Awaits! 

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