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5 Ways to Advertise Your Book Before Publishing

Welcome back to The Writing Spotlight, today we are getting down to business and discussing five ways to advertise your book BEFORE publishing.

#1 Create a Spotify Playlist with all the music that puts you in the mind of your story.

I had not seen this until I saw a self-published author that I follow on Instagram share with her followers the playlist to her romance novel, and I thought that was brilliant!

Basically, you are compiling music that directly reflects and fits into your story. This is music that puts you (the author) in the mindset to write about your characters and their journey. Sharing this playlist and making it public for your readers is a great way to get them on the same page as you, as you draw closer to the date of publication, they are already excited to read your story.

Does Spotify charge you to create a playlist? NO!

It is effortless to create a Spotify account. You download the app, pick how you wish to create the account. Either by connecting with your Facebook page or email account of choice. Then after creating your account, you can start compiling playlists!

#2 Book Trailers

If you go onto the Kindle Store, you can find books now being for sale, and instead of description or plus a description, there is a book trailer available.

The purpose of that book trailer is to hook you in and persuade you to buy the book. Book trailers are fantastic if you ask me!

I have seen one or two authors I follow on Instagram use this advertising strategy, and it essentially adds another layer to your repertoire as a writer/author.

That may be a reach, but it’s possible! The trailer can also do what it should and pull new readers in and old readers too.

When you create this book trailer, you should think about the tone you want to set. Is this a scary story or a teen romance?

You should also think about if you want an actor to play your main character in the trailer to bring them to life. Will you go to a specific place that is in the story? Or will you have a voice over narrating for the viewer?

#3 Character Profiles

These are the small snippets into the most significant part of your story, the characters!

Character profiles should consist of a compilation of pictures that relates to your character in the story, and you post these to your platform of choice, showcasing the people you are bringing to life.

In your caption, you should cover the most important things about them without giving anything away.

— Character Name

— Age

— 1 Important Fact

— Description of their journey in the book without giving anything away

Where to get pictures for you character profiles? Pinterest.

App to collage them: Layout

#4 Sharing small snippets from the book

When I say small snippets, I mean a paragraph that showcases your writing or your favorite quote. Whether it is a description of an object, or a detailed moment happening to your main character. Still, keep in mind not to give away anything important. You can also choose where you release this small snippet.

If you have a website (which you should) by the time you’re in the last editing stage, you could upload this to the home page. Maybe even to your facebook page for your writing. Instagram and Twitter as well.

*** It is understandable if you as the author are not comfortable with sharing a paragraph of your work***

#5 Book Cover Reveal

Revealing the cover of your book is the most exciting part of the preparation for publishing, in my opinion. You are sharing with the world the face of your book baby! Whether you self-published or traditionally published, this is the biggest move in advertising before the book comes out. Why?

Me along with many other readers, we are sometimes guilty of buying based on the cover. If the cover looks fantastic, the reader will think the book is excellent.

So set a date and pick a time when you know many people will be online at the time, and reveal your book cover! Make it a big deal and create a countdown on Instagram and share on your story the date and time. Build the anticipation around this small event in the major production.

That wraps my five ways to advertise your book before publishing; I hope this was helpful to anyone thinking about publishing! I will see you guys next week for another spotlight. Go forth and write!

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