Books and A Mug

  • C.J. Rodgers

Artur Enganador || Seraphic Brother || League Hound

Age: Not disclosed

Abilities: Shape Shifter

Strengths: Trained to take and kill, loyal to the very end

Weaknesses: Follower, fool in love, loyal to the very end

Orphic, Book 1: A strong yet angry man, unknowingly caught playing the game he helped create. Artur is bound to his commitment to seeing her vision through, to the point of doing her dirty work. Two people with the same relentless mindset are destined to destroy one another. But first, he has a job to do...

Moonbroch, Book 2: Artur is ready to pounce at the chance to get his hands on the traitor. The ungrateful girl took from her and he plans to uphold the promise he made Rose in the cellar. A second has not passed without him planning on how to make this right. Vameera may have asked him to stand down, but he's already made the call. His brothers are ready to come out of the shadows and pay a due visit. Repaying tenfold for what she's got her hands-on.

C.J. Rodgers, Fantasy Adventure Awaits! 

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