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Checking In w/ C.J.

Long time no see and Happy Friday! I finally have a review to share. I have finally finished a book that I was reading. I went crazy one night and started like five books in one sitting. I went chapter to chapter in each book. Thinking that I would finish them faster, but I was so wrong.

However! I am staying consistent and still reading the novels I started. With school starting, I got overloaded with the projects coming at me every Tuesday for one class. I also got into a heavy editing streak. I don’t know if anyone follows me on Instagram, but I had a massive chapter email that I sent to beta readers. I can now say with official excitement, that I have finished editing! Now I am polishing up and currently waiting for my paperback cover to be sent to me. Moreover, I can’t wait to reveal it to everyone.

As of right now, I do have a date set in mind for release, but I want all my ducks lined up in order, I do intend to have the novel up for pre-order as well so that there is some time leading up to the release. Thank you to everyone’s encouraging words and advice leading up to this moment. It is becoming real as I complete each step. Genuinely, I cannot wait to put my first novel out in the world.

I know I owe you guys a post about fears and writing, I have started that, I need to perfect it to the point to post it. I also have a book haul post I want to share with you guys, which I may upload on Monday, but begin preparing today so that I do not overload emails, lol.

Happy International Women’s Day! Stay fierce!

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