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Hello Friends! It's the beginning of 2020 and I have book news!

The time has come to continue Rose's journey, from the sinister clutch of Vameera and her hounds; onto the sandy shore of the Siren's Cove. In the next installment of the Bestower's Ruin Series, Rose has gotten what she wanted, but what comes with the price of her freedom? Will the life she escaped, really be left behind? Rose will soon find out as the Moonbroch approaches.

Moonbroch is book 2 in the TBR series, with new characters and some returning as well. I will do a special returning characters recap section and each week leading up to the cover reveal I will introduce a new character on all social media pages and on here too! Each character will receive what I like to call as, "trading card info." Which will be paragraph-long details about them, so that when you read about them in the book you will already know who they are.

The more exciting news that I cannot wait to get to is the official countdown to cover reveal! Officially announced this past Sunday, Moobroch cover reveal will be on Friday, March 27th at 8 am. All social media platforms will be updated and those that are on the email list for the website will get the cover reveal notification too! So mark your calendars, I am beyond excited to share with you guys my second novel, Moonbroch! #wavesup #theleague #thesirens #whossideareuon


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