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Checking in w/ C.J.

What’s up everyone, I have am finally fulfilling my promise to have an update! Grab your mugs, fill them up, and let’s chat!

First I want to say thank you to everyone that has been supporting me through this new journey so far. It has been very exciting branching out doing something different that I really enjoy. Embarking onto a new path has been nerve-wracking and terrifying because I have to put myself out there to be seen. You would think that trying to be seen is easy, but it is not.

If you follow me on Instagram, you would see that I entered and am still entering representative searches for small and large book companies. At first it was no big deal to me. I knew that I wasn’t likely to be picked. However, as the anticipation mounted getting closer to the end of the searches I entered, I realized that sharing these books with you means a great deal to me. It’s okay if you don't read them, i’m not forcing the books on you, but just know that reading is a whole new world on pages. Plus, it’s never too late to pick up a book!

Since we are on the topic of Instagram, if you do follow me, stay tuned for exciting news on January 29th at 12pm! Myself, and other fellow bookstagrammers have a surprise for those that follow us.

For more pressing matters let’s talk about Orphic. I had a set back over the holidays because life happened and it happens to everyone. I also realized I was slightly ambitious given that it was the holidays. I apologize, however, I want this book to be good. So my goal is to have a set date in the next month for release. I will upload that information on all platforms that I use. In the meantime, I will still upload book teasers on Fridays, like I have been. Giving you a taste of the novel. I hope to create reactions (good ones) and spark a conversation with you guys.

Orphic has been a wild journey for me since august of last year. I never thought I could sit down and come up with a story that could become a novel. Now I am here and I’m on the verge of the dream becoming reality. As I had said before, thank you to everyone that has been supportive and the new supporters too!

I have been considering doing some fan fiction writing and uploads of what I write in my creative writing course at school. Let me know your thoughts on that. There will also be writing posts as well, that will be making its way onto the blog. I don’t know how many people really write that I know of, but I want to share my struggles through this process, how I overcame them, and that it isn’t impossible to write a book.

My first week of school has come to a close and I have to say I'm very excited about this semester. The creative writing course I am taking is full of people that are into writing all kinds of things. My teacher is very encouraging of just letting go and writing. I do feel like my writing will improve dramatically with the way she is teaching us to enter into our creative spaces.

I hope your Friday is starting off on a high note! Until we meet again, keep your mugs filled, and a book in hand!


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