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Checking In With C. J.

Happy Friday Book Bugs!

I have exciting news to share and an update on where I am Post-Publishing! As well as an introduction to a new part of the blog that I am very excited to incorporate now that summer is arriving quickly. Let's get started!

Post Publishing Update:

Now that I have published Orphic things went as expected for the most part, sales-wise. I knew I would be working to market and advertise my novel on Amazon, and other platforms I am on. Sales have slowed down, and I've decided to lower the cost of the Kindle e-book version of the novel to $0.99.

Once the second novel is published the kindle version of Orphic will drop down to being free completely. However, paperbacks will not change in price due to the cost to print the book.

I also need to thank every person that has supported me in purchasing my novel and reading it. It means a lot to me, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Current Writing Projects:

At the moment I have put a few things on my plate. The second novel in the Bestower's Ruin Series has been in the works since November of last year during NaNoWriMo. I am in Chapter 6 at the moment, and this is going to get the story going. It will be longer than the first book, due to the ground needed to be covered. There will be new characters introduced, and old ones are coming back, of course. I am excited about this one because Rose is now moving to a beat of her own. I hope to reveal the title and book cover after the first draft is complete.

I am also working on a spy novel; I have not begun writing just yet. I am still in the research stages. I hope to start writing in June and hopefully have a good first draft by the end of the month or so.

The third project is a novella series that I explored in my creative writing course that I took this past semester. It is going to be two different series. One will follow Vameera, and how she and Artur met, all the way down to Clemantis. Highlighting her backstory and leading up to the events of Orphic.

The second series will follow Marshal and his journey to whom he has become. How he found himself with the Sirens and what his original purpose was, and how he got to the Dumond Estate in Orphic.

Branching Out!

I have officially adopted a twitter account if you are on twitter, follow me @CJRodgers14, there will be book posts, author tube posts, in general posts you name it, it will be there.

Second, I have big news! I am stepping into the Authrotube community on youtube. I do have a channel and will be posting my first video on my channel hopefully today. Below will be my youtube banner so you can find me on there and subscribe to the channel if you like!

The writing aspect: tips I've learned, things I was taught in my creative writing course, finding your confidence to write, the self-publishing process, and what could go wrong.

The Book aspect: Book reviews, hauls, to-be-read lists, monthly completion updates, and yearly updates.

The movie aspect: How watching movies can help your writing and movie reviews!

The videos that will be on the channel will automatically update to the website, and you can watch them on here if you so choose to.

New Additions:

For the last part of the check-in, I want to introduce new incorporation to the blog. It is going to be a Writer Spotlight. I met some excellent writers in my writing class, as well as my graphic design class. All of them were inspiring, and one of my classmates was kind enough to share work with me to read for her novel that she's writing and I loved it so much.

This spotlight for writers is to showcase other writers and a piece of their work. Whether it is fan fiction or they are writing stories to be published. It's to introduce them and maybe find readers that like their work too.

I'm so excited about it, and I hope you find a writer you like too!

This is my check-in for the month of May. Now that school is out, I will be doing more of these, and I will shoot for every month at least once. I am covering almost everything that I showed here: Projects, and changes to be made, as well as my publishing updates too. All the students out there that are getting ready to be out for the summer have fun and be safe! Have a fresh Friday, guys!

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