Books and A Mug

  • C.J. Rodgers

Clemantis Aldred || League Seer

Age: 45

Abilities: Divine Sight

Strengths: Calculating, observant, Wise beyond his years

Weaknesses: Blind to his faults, low tolerance, willful

Orphic, Book 1: Torn between what he knows and who he loves, there is no easy decision. Clemantis is the one player in this cruel game that holds the majority of the cards and is willing to try his luck until the last draw. This calculating man has it all figured out and you will never know it until the last second. Can you trust him with your life?

Moonbroch, Book 2: Moving in the shadows more than ever, Clemantis has seen what is to come as the Moonbroch is on the horizon. Committed to his job as the Seer, Clemantis holds the secrets to the painful reality that is creeping closer and forcing him to fall deeper into hiding. Though you don't see him in the room, he's already been there a time before. Watching, waiting, it will all be brought to light, trust him.

C.J. Rodgers, Fantasy Adventure Awaits! 

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