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Happy New Years Bookworms!

I took a small break with the holidays and I wasn't intending on doing so. However, the break allowed me to catch up on getting in a flow of posting for you guys.

I have 2 new books on my current reads, as I have finished my previous books. The review for those books will be on here tomorrow as scheduled. I also hope to update you guys on my progress with my novel, Orphic. My small time away allowed me to do a little research because I was stuck momentarily and a tried to work through this mental block but I figured learning how to improve would be just as helpful.

Book 1:

Angel Burn

By L. a. Weatherly

Young Adult Fiction Novel

Published in 2012

Book 2:

City of Ashes

By Cassandra Clare

Young Adult Fiction Novel

Published in 2015

I am excited to read the second installment in the Shadowhunters series. I am so behind on what is out. I wasn't aware that there was a movie out and a television series. So, I will be catching up as I read each book.

I was intrigued by the cover of Angel Burn when I stumbled upon it. When I read the synopsis on the backside I became even more interested. This novel is the first in a series as well. Can't wait to read it and share my thoughts on it.

Hoping you brought in 2019 with family and friends, Happy New Years!


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