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Happy Hump Day!

I am so excited to announce what my next current read is going to be this week. There will only be one book this week because school starts next week and packing on two books before I start will be a little much. I hope to go back to two books when I am immersed and balanced between blogging, writing, and school. So, without further stalling, here is my current read for the week!

Crazy Rich Asians

By New York Times Bestselling Author, Kevin Kwan

I have not seen the movie that is based on this book. Can't wait to watch it after I finish the novel. If you have read the book or watched the movie I would love to know your thoughts! I have also added my Instagram content to the website. If you do not follow me feel free to and definitely interact with me on Instagram. I will have my first non-book related blog post up in the next 2 weeks. The post will be geared towards my upcoming novel and where I am at in the process. Different challenges I have dealt with will also be talked about and how I have faced these obstacles to get to this point.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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