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Cynthia & Dan: Cyber War by Dorothy May Mercer

Updated: Jan 27

Glenn and Cynthia Patterson are a brother-sister duo determined to take on the war against terrorism. Their specialty? Computer Intelligence.

Mission leader, Cynthia makes sure that Glenn has all the assets in order to execute the task before them: take down the cyber terrorists!

But higher intelligence isn't just a hobby for Cynthia. From 9 to 5 this independent woman likes to travel under the radar as Senator Mcbride's receptionist by disguise. Her real role is as his personal bodyguard. A job that she will do anything with the help of her assistants, the SMS'SS, to find out every detail of your backstory.

But what would all this excitement of background checks and computer nerd lingo be if Cynthia didn't have her own safe haven? For three years, Cynthia and Dan have been together and the relationship has become predictable. Dan never took her out on dates, they barely saw each other due to the high demand of being a police officer in the city. Was there really even a relationship for all that time?

As Cynthia starts to question the longevity of the relationship further, she finds herself on the busy highway caught in an unfortunate event. Easing her out of the stress is a mysterious man with chivalrous ways and a charm that makes a woman like Cynthia swoon. More is out there for her and she might just explore what is coming.


Cynthia and Dan: Cyber War is a romance story with a political twist that engaged me page after page! I finished this book in about four days' time. I definitely felt the excitement rise as the story unfolded. This romance was toned down and very sweet. The way that Cynthia and the mystery man (who is unnamed for a reason), had a very old-fashioned dialogue but the story was set in 2016 I believe.

The author defintiely did her research into computer intelligence language and it showed. Making me as the reader appreciate the time and effort put into the story's details. Also providing the story with longing to find out what happens next for the mission on terrorism.

I gave this book 5 out of 5 stars on Goodreads. There isn't anything I could complain about, however, there are controversial topics that not everyone would want to read about.

I would not recommend this book to anyone who feels strongly about women's health, religion, and romance stories.

I would recommend to anyone who loves a good spy mission, female lead characters, and romantic suspense.

Signing off, I hope your mug is full and your head in a book.

See You Soon, C. J. Rodgers!


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