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Light and Dark by Dan Sherven

Last month I was contacted by a PR professional. In exchange for an honest review, I was given a pdf version of the novel: Light and Dark by Dan Sherven. Which was published December 27th, 2019.

About the author

Dan Sherven is a 27 year-old writer from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. He holds a Bachelor of Philosophy and is completing his Bachelor of Journalism. He worked as a provincial speechwriter and public relations professional.

Light and Dark is Dan Sherven’s debut novel, and his six-part journalism series on mental illness and justice releases soon. Dan raps under the name Cheeky, often with the band Southsiders - whose musical debut is Voices in My Head.

When not lost in words, Dan is usually with his seven-year-old daughter.


Two men, from different paths, converge in a life and death struggle.

Xavier kills an old woman and is on the run. This Indigenous man thought he escaped gang life, but he falls deeper into it.

Hunted by a white police officer with his own shadows. A man whose desperation to prove his worth forces him to use any means necessary to take Xavier down.

In the cold darkness of the Canadian prairies, everyone searches for the sun.

The nights are long in the cold, sleepy city, but warm dawn always breaks.


I read this novel in about three days maybe four. My initial thoughts were that right from the start the story took off running. There was nonstop action almost too fast, not giving enough time for subtle details to pile up in front of me as the reader. Light and Dark is a thriller novel for sure. I would say it is a murder mystery as well, but the synopsis alone tells you who the killer is. The real mystery is for the detectives and the police department to solve.

This novel is multi-point of view (pov), and I was slightly conflicted about this throughout the story. It felt like the story was moving so quickly and jumping around from character to character so fast that some of the most important things that help establish the foundation of the story were lost in translation. And I will provide an explanation for that statement.

BUT before I get to my cons of the story, I would like to make it very clear, the story was interesting and the pov switch kept me on my toes as a reader. I have never read a novel about anything gang-related or located in the country of Canada, so this story was a first for me. Major components that were muddled in the grand scheme of the story lingered with me but did not deter me from finishing the story. I gave this novel 3 stars on Goodreads for that reason. Now to my cons.

As you read in the synopsis, there is a blatant statement about race, and I was the person that received this book for an honest review had zero understanding of why this was so important. I had not read the synopsis until after I finished the book because it was not provided for me with the pdf. In saying that, throughout the story, I was lost on the significance of the indigenous men and the white men.

The second portion of confusion for me was the location of the story. Throughout there is mention of a province and territories. So I was guessing where this manhunt was happening for the longest until it was finally said that it took place in Canada. That’s when everything started to make sense.

The very last thing about the story that I would say is a con, are the heavy grammar mistakes and the character name mix-ups. There were instances where sentences were missing words, and characters were in a fight scene and fighting themselves.

Had the story not had these issues I would have scored it differently. And I also want to put out there that I am not sure if the final copy that is available on Amazon is the copy I received as it was a pdf version of the story without a book cover and synopsis. The story may be different, but as I was asked to review the version I was given, I am doing just that. Lastly, because of the lack of information given to me, I will not state whether or not I recommend this book, however, I will provide the link if you are interested in the story.

Hoping your mug is full and your head is in a book! See you soon!

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