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  • C.J. Rodgers

Rose Aldred || Protector of the Amethyst

Character Profile

Age: 20 years old

Abilities: None, Pure

Strengths: Combat training, Sword-wielding, observant, calculated

Weaknesses: Temper, Isolated, Lacks trust in others

Orphic, Book 1: Rose turns 21 this week, and instead of being excited she feels the opposite. Her week unfolds with a conversation that ultimately changes her life altogether. Questioning everything around her, Rose finds no answers from the people that actually know the truth. So she takes matters into her own hands. Follow Rose Aldred on her journey of discovery, uncovering the truth of a murder left unsolved, a gift that is waiting to be given, and a balance yet to be disturbed.

Moonbroch, Book 2: Breaking the chains Vameera forged was Rose's only chance at freedom. On the run, she only has one place in mind to go. With high hopes of birthing a relationship with family long misplaced, Rose continues her journey with overwhelming weight on her shoulders. Aware that her actions at the estate have burned her for good, she underestimates the magnitude of her decisions. Bursting open 20 years' worth of tension between two familiar opposing groups, our protector of the amethyst has upset the balance, now it must be restored; she must face her consequences, or the wrath of the hounds will fall upon her.

C.J. Rodgers, Fantasy Adventure Awaits! 

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