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Thanos: Titan Consumed by Barry Lyga

Updated: May 27, 2019

Good Afternoon book bugs! I have another review for you today. About a novel that honestly may not be of interest to you. Why? Because it is based off a comic book series brought to the big screen. The rest of the “Why” will be answered in just a few moments.

Marvel released, Thanos: Titan Consumed on November 20th, 2018. So months after the snap it was accessible to discover the backstory of the mad titan. Why would this not be interesting to some readers? Well, for myself I can say I had no clue who Thanos was until I watched him take his gauntlet created just for him, out of the vault on Sanctuary II.

It wasn’t until I began my hobby of watching youtube videos, had I learned who this character was and what his role is in the comic books. So When his character was perfected and brought to life, I was no stranger to the mad titan. However, this version of the mad titan that we all got to see last year in the Infinity War was not the same purple alien in the comics. In a nutshell, this novel may not interest you because this is not the original Thanos, nor does everyone care to read a backstory on him because they’ve seen all they wanted to in the movies.

Now, why would this novel be vital if you did read it? Well, I have an answer for that too! Personally, as a writer and a student writer, you are explicitly suggested to read books to write. At this point ask me…why? Because, you learn different styles of writing, or you learn how to describe so much that you don’t give something away, how to develop a character through the little hand gestures they do. So with that in mind, reading about Thanos was a no brainer for that perspective. Anything Marvel produces as a novel like this book, I recommend reading if you write. Their most significant success in this entire franchise is character development.

My second reason for reading this novel is because I am a big fan! Any chance for me to get my hands on something to further this story of the Infinity Saga, I’ll learn all I can so I can go into the film in tune with what happened. Also, I can attest, that reading this novel and understanding each character that Thanos comes across, it explains so much about where he is at in Infinity War and Endgame. With those questions answered, now I can get into the review.

My Review:

Barry Lyga created an eye opening read for sure. There is a more significant understanding of the big picture flowing in Thanos’ head as he goes into Infinity War. Also, a humanizing experience turned into an obsession, and that is the best description. Thanos was not always mad. He was driven there by rejection, outstanding intellect, and brute strength.

Just like you and me, he had parents too. However, one, his mother the original mad titan, was locked away from him because she could not handle the sight of his purple skin. Leaving Thanos to be raised by a reserved and distanced father, A’Lars. The purple alien’s intelligence put him top of the tier right at the level of his father, which gave him a devastating realization, that gets shared in Infinity War.

Thanos discovers that life is not going to be sustainable on Titan if everyone continues to procreate but neglect crops. Because Thanos believes in blunt conversation, he tells his people and causes his exile beginning his descent into space.

This space journey that he goes on is very enlightening to me as a Marvel fan. As I said, he was very human yet robotic. He doesn’t know emotion, but he has good intentions only. This journey through space changes him so much that the line of good intentions becomes muddied. Creating his change. And this change in him was even more human-like than everything else! Creating a like for this character, that made the story ten times more entertaining. I recommend if you love to write anything. If you enjoy Marvel as I do, I recommend. If you enjoy comic book-to-novel adaptations, I recommend this novel to you. The author, Barry Lyga wrote an excellent story that, could very well be a movie too. That is how interesting it is, but I am content with it in novel form. I hope that more novels like this one are shared, I will read them for sure!

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