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The Belles by Dhonielle Clayton


The Belles are coveted treasures in the kingdom of Orleans. These select women are sent out in the kingdom when they come of age to do the Goddess of Beauty’s work in her absence. Masking the horrid gray skin of her people and ridding them of the blood red eyes they were cursed with, the Belles’ job is never going to cease.

It is time again to choose the best Belle over the rest, the Favorite. How else do you do it? By hosting a Carnaval, of course. Once the show is over, and the courtiers go home, the question lingers...which Belle is chosen?

Once Camellia and her sisters find out their fates, they dive deeper into a life they never thought existed for the Belles. Camellia learns things she was never taught to deal with, and she must decide what to do. Betray what her new way of life or save herself and everyone around her. I present to you, The Belles.


I gave this novel five stars on Goodreads, and I’ll tell you why!

1) The world building of the kingdom of Orleans is fantastically done. So much detail in everyday things brings the story to life in so many ways. It reminds you that this story stems from the thought that everything must be beautiful.

2) The Belles is very much so, a page-turner after chapter 10. Once we get past formalities of understanding the story and what is going on, it picks up, and each chapter left me wanting to know, “What does that statement mean?” Alternatively, “Where is she going?”

3)The ending was majority a surprise, but a small portion was not. So I’m honestly not upset about it. I was definitely on the hook to know what comes next in the second novel, Everlasting Rose, that was just released this year. This story is a YA Fantasy novel, and I recommend to Teens and adults. If you love a story that seems pretty on the outside but dark and twisted on the inside, this is the story. I am trying to keep as much detail out because I would hate to ruin this story for someone.


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