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  • C.J. Rodgers

The Grim King || Strix Maskin || Siren

Moonbroch, Book 2:

Strix Maskin made his debut in the TBR series in book one, Orphic. In Moonbroch, we meet the self-proclaimed King of the abominate creatures known as the Grimmers.

Plagued with the attraction to thing that gives us humans life, Strix has a task heavier than any before him.

Standing before him is the same woman he has seen once before. How could he trust her? How could Uva and Aster disrespect him by letting her in? Where was the order?

Though he hesitates to heed the warning, Strix has a knowing feeling in his gut. A thought he's committed to never addressing, but yet, this woman, this traitor seems to have some validity to her words.

Strix wants to hear her out.....


C.J. Rodgers, Fantasy Adventure Awaits! 

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