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  • C.J. Rodgers

Vameera Dumond || League Leader

Age: Not Disclosed

Abilities: Sorceress, the best of her time

Strengths: Natural born leader, Wise, Charming, Worldly

Weaknesses: Unforgiving, Willingness to risk it all for her cause, jealousy

Orphic, Book 1: A woman ahead of her time, Vameera Dumond has orchestrated the most successful search of the Bestower's gifts. Disguising her searches as high-profile League matters, the founding daughter has the chance to have it all. However, those chances rest on the good faith that her step-daughter, Rose, fulfills her position and rises as the newest Hound on the eve of her 21st birthday. As charming as this cultured woman may be, don't be fooled by her sinister ways.

Moonbroch, Book 2: Leaving her home in ruin, the mountaintop that Vameera has perched upon has crumbled around her; yet she is in no hurry. Secretly the fearless woman is torn. She remembers the letters, she remembers what she did. Now that the secret is out she must solidify her territory and eagerly take her place. Furious at the outcome of Rose's escape, Vameera lies in waiting as her plans fall into place one by one. The Sorceress knows what has to happen in order for the balance to be maintained; history has to repeat itself.

C.J. Rodgers, Fantasy Adventure Awaits! 

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