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  • C.J. Rodgers

Vasha || Grimmer

Age: 28 forever

Abilities: Grimmer, Lifeforce draining, vampire-like agility

Strengths: Cunning, wise, observant, strong, self-aware

Weaknesses: Judgemental, follower, fleeting

Moonbroch, book 2: Being chosen as one of the six most-trusted Grimmer's is a blessing and a curse. Vasha has seen dark days and lives in anger almost constantly, but the Grimmer's are her new family. The family that would never turn on each other. Yet, she finds herself torn as the stakes for their coven of creatures are raising as each day passes. She makes a split decision that could either help them or else. She knows Rose will know what to do.


C.J. Rodgers, Fantasy Adventure Awaits! 

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