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The MapMaker's Apprentice by C. J. Archer

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

After capturing the American outlaw, Commissioner Monroe calls upon Matt Glass and India Steele for a new case. A young mapmaker has gone missing and his family is looking for him.

The duo begins their search for the missing mapmaker, named Daniel, infiltrating the mapmaker’s guild. When the pair begins to take on their disguises with the guild, they begin to realize that all the guilds in London seem to work together behind the scenes. Becoming aware that a familiar name is attached to the missing mapmaker’s disappearance.

Even with this new case, Matt and his American companions, with the help of India, are still looking for Chronos the magical watchmaker. Matt begins to need his magical watch more and more often as his illness begins to take a huge toll on him. Fortunately for Mr. Glass, the group is able to pinpoint a solid lead to Mr. Mirth the retired watchmaker. Will they be able to reach him in time?

The more that Mr. Glass and Ms. Steele get deeper into the world of the guilds, the more they endure obstacles from solving the case of the missing apprentice. The thrilling adventure begins to create an intense relationship between the partners. Leaving unanswered feelings up in the air. To combat that even more, Mr. Glass’ aunt Leticia, is beginning to introduce him to the elite lifestyle he was deprived of. Putting him in front of different women of various titles, even his own cousins, in the hopes that he will find a suitable woman.

This historical fiction novel is filled with mystery, romance, and of course magic. The second installment of the series is definitely to be recommended if you enjoy any of these kinds of stories. I would say from age 16 and up are appropriate for this story. To me this is like a regular detective show but made to be read, I love it! My critiques are still minimal. I am a hopeless romantic, so it pains my heart for the wedge being drawn between Mr. Glass and Ms. Steele because she is not considered elite, due to being a watchmaker’s daughter. Though I am very aware that this is a historical story, so it fits the time period. My only other critique is that the ending was kind of obvious due to the forward behavior of some of the characters introduced, regardless, I had an emotional response as I have gotten invested into the series.

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