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Wandering Star by Romina Russell

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

“There aren't twelve types of people in the universe--there are two... The ones that stand still and try to fit in... and the ones that go seek out where they belong.” - Wandering Star

Wandering Star is the second novel in the stack

Good Afternoon Book Bugs, it is time for another edition of ‘What’s On My Nightstand?” This week I bring you the second book in the Zodiac book series, ‘Wandering Star’ by Romina Russell. I picked up the last two books to the series to complete the set because the story engaged me. I am not a big science fiction reader, so this is a big stamp of approval from me. So I don’t want to give away too much from the story, but I will give just enough to let you decide if you would pick up Zodiac or Wandering Star the next time you go to a bookstore.

Rhoma ‘Rho’ Grace, native from House Cancer, has just disgraced herself as a coward in the eyes of the guardians. Being labeled a coward has stripped her of her status returning her to the who she might have been in the beginning, Rho. In this second installment, she battles with the idea of what exactly is the right thing to do? Speak up and help those that are in the dark or remain voiceless in the shadows of her guilt. Both are substantial questions that weigh on her. Along with the lingering memories of the attack on the armada that she led. Causing numerous deaths, the one she cared most about was Mathias.

Rho continues her obsession with the thirteenth house, finding herself amongst other silent believers, who are trying to piece together what is happening across the zodiac — trying to save their people. Ending up on Sagittarius helping an underground militia prepared to fight until she gets another omen from Ophiucus, the thirteenth guardian. She gets caught between believing his words and remembering what he has already done. Rho must weed out the lies and find the one truth that will bring the zodiac one step closer to unity. Will she be able to do it?

My Review: This was better than the first novel. I need to start with that, and that is not a bad thing, to me. Because your first novel is the taste of the series, give you the want for more. The second novel should be the full immersing story, which I got when I got into it. I read fifteen chapters in the span of an hour. That is how drawn I was. The love triangle is a little exhausting; however, given the ages of the characters, it is fitting. The main character is still trying to find herself, and she can’t do it with boys running around in her head, so after a while when that issue gets solved for the moment, the good stuff begins to happen. The moments fell into place like dominoes, and I cannot complain.

The last seven chapters are where you have to pay attention because dots get connected, and I have to say they led to some serious, “Oh S*^t!” moments, lol (Sorry grandma). There was a moment in the story where I did get emotionally attached, and I found myself crying because I was so excited for these characters then it was taken so fast. I think the story improved, and the world building is fantastic. I recommend to anyone; it is slightly girly given the love triangle I mentioned. Other than that it’s spot on. 5 out of 5 stars!


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