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Apothecary's Poison by C. J. Archer

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

The third adventure for the now partners, Matt Glass and India Steele, have sent them on a new case they must solve. However, this time, they are not officially being assigned because Mr. Glass is a suspect in the case.

Still heavy on the search for the mysterious watchmaker Chronos, the detectives and their American friends find a newspaper article praising a “Magical Medical Miracle!” Conducted by a very eager doctor named Mr. Hale.

Once Mr. Glass and Ms. Steele interview him claiming to be a prospective patient and his friend, it turns out that Mr. Hale is not exactly whom he says to be. Defeated, the two go on about their day only to be bombarded the following morning with shocking news.

Commissioner Monroe and two of Scotland Yard’s finest come to question Mr. Glass because Dr. Hale has been murdered and Mr. Glass was the last person seen leaving his office. Outraged, Ms. Steele stands up for her partner and ultimately finding the fire to investigate what really happened.

This installment in the series is probably the most dangerous case the now vigilante detectives have encountered. There is a mystery, forbidden romance, magic, and more. This book was extremely fulfilling for me as a reader. The stakes rose as they continued to dig deeper and there was no backing down. I look forward to purchasing the fourth book in the series and I recommend it, just like the first two books before it.


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