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City of Bones (Shadowhunters Book 1) by Cassandra Clare

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

Fifteen-year-old Clarissa Fray was another teenager trying to find her way. Recently paid for her art school classes, everything so far was going great for her. Living with her mother Jocelyn wasn’t always easy. Her mother spent the day once every year crying with an open box, with the memory of who Clary thought was her deceased father, Jonathan. Clary never questioned it because she didn’t remember her father.

Things for the young girl began to become fuzzy when she and her best friend Simon go to the local club, Pandemonium, and she sees four teens fighting in a back room.

Stumbling into the room quietly she watches a fight unlike any other that she’s seen. Three against one, the teen being attacked gets hurt really badly. Being a good samaritan, Clary steps in, only to find out that the kid on the ground was not ordinary and neither were the other three. Frightened and confused she calls for help and evades danger for the most part when she gets out the nightclub. The problem was that no one else saw anybody with the description she gave.

The following day, Clary’s luck is shortly beginning to run out after she gets in trouble with her mother, then is given the news that they must leave for vacation. Which interferes with art school and everything Clary had planned. Bursting out of their apartment, Clary goes to a coffee shop with Simon and to her surprise, one of the teens she had seen the night before was there watching her. A freaked out Clary, leaves her best friend in the shop to clear her head then is bombarded by that same teen, Jace Wayland, a shadowhunter.

The young girl’s adventure into the world of demons, warlocks, and vampires begins when she gets the disturbing phone call from her mother that she cannot come home. Then hearing the brutal kidnapping taking place in their apartment. Determined to find her mom, Clary dives into the past her mother had kept from her, a past that changes everything she’s ever known.

This book was extremely thrilling and after part one, I had trouble putting it down. I enjoyed the way the story unraveled before my eyes. The attention to detail was amazing creating a solid picture in my head of what was going on. I wish I had found this series sooner. I absolutely recommend to anyone who likes supernatural stories with mystery and a little romance. I will not put an age limit on this book, this can be enjoyed at any age. I definitely recommend!


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