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Angel Burn by L. A. Weatherly

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

Goodmorning Bookworms! Grab your mug with your drink of choice, it is time for another book review.

Willow Fields has the gift of being psychic. She can tell you about different paths lined in your future and she can tell you if the path is good or bad. Until one reading that showed her something she thought never existed, angels.

On a leap of faith, Willow thinks she is doing the right thing by confronting a classmate at the Church of Angels. Only to find out that the angels already knew about her and her little gift.

On a fast-paced journey throughout the U.S. with established AK, Alex Kyler, Willow discovers just how different she really is. Unbeknownst to her, she had her own angel inside of her, but she’s just too human and the Church of Angels don’t like it.

Both teens are constantly looking over their shoulders in hopes of finding a safe haven, but they find their safe haven in each other creating a budding romance. Though that budding romance may be cut short when Willow has to face her only option… stopping the second invasion.

With the help of the CIA, Willow must use her abilities to prevent the second wave from happening. Can she do it in time?

This novel was different in a good way! I really enjoyed the author's creativity, dealing with the back story of the angels and their goals in the story. She was very descriptive creating a very vivid picture in my head I read the book. I do recommend it to high school students and people in their late teens, early twenties. Can't wait to pick up the second novel in the series, Angel Fire.


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