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Zodiac by Romina Russell

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

“The stars revealed a portent that some of us found implausible, but it seems we must accept it. As of today, we honor you Guardian of the Fourth House, our beloved Cancer.” - Admiral Crius

Happy International Women’s Day! I have a new review for you, which unintentionally has a heroine, but it is perfect given the holiday. Without further ado, grab your drink of choice and take a seat, let’s talk about Zodiac.

I found this novel at Barnes and Noble in the general fiction section, and I was not purposely picking up another YA novel. However, the way this universe is set up I don’t think the section of fiction matters. The novel title and the cover is what stuck out to me first when I found it. Never have I found a book with anything to do with the astrological signs that everyone has based on their birthday. So when I first read the blurb on the back cover, I was interested. Now, I didn’t pick it up the first time around; I went back and forth on different days because I was debating if I needed another book. On like the third time I reread the blurb, I decided the $10 was worth it.

Rhoma “Rho” Grace is an acolyte on the moon Elara that orbits around her home planet Cancer. She is on Elara in school, having to re-take an exam with her ephemeris because she saw an omen in the stars that nobody else did. Rho uses the star-gazing device and sees the same omen again. Though she says something to the Dean and her teacher, they brush her methods off.

When Rho finishes the exam, she goes and prepares to play at the concert with her friends, Nishi of Sagittarius, Deke, and Kai of Cancer. As Rho bangs her drums starting the first set, an explosion takes place, and one of the four moons orbiting Cancer slams into Elara.

Realizing her omen indeed was going to happen, she and her friends try to get away and off what's left of Elara. Eventually, they run into a member of the royal guard, and he takes them to the high council where Rho sits before the royal advisors, and she's given the title of Guardian of House Cancer.

Rho is thrust into the role of protector for her people and using her talented skills of reading the stars; she finds a more substantial threat among the different houses. A warning that could destroy their way of life if they do not unite together.

My Review:

I want to start off saying that I really enjoyed this novel because it was different for me. I don’t read sci-fi books often, so when I started reading, I had to be in the mindset that I knew there might be terms I don’t understand right away. Which did happen in the first chapter, and that was okay since the main character explained what each term meant or what the object did. That may be the only slow part of the novel. Each chapter is relatively short. Like 4-6 pages at most except for the end of the book when the climax is happening. This novel is a series, and I didn’t know that until I researched the novel.

The world building and detail put into the houses, and their personalities, and what each home has to offer was excellent. In my opinion, the world itself was the best part of the story. There is much diversity as well, and I appreciated the care that the author put into her world that she created. Making the story that much more interesting. I would recommend to anyone interested in sci-fi reads, astrological sign believers, and anyone over the age of maybe 16. There is one sex scene, but it's so toned down that you have to use context clues to understand what is going on, and it’s quickly looked over. Strictly to drive the plot of a love triangle. Other than that, I am currently reading the second novel in the series, Wandering Star, along with other books too. I can’t wait to share more this month with you guys!

Hoping your day is empowering, have a great Friday!


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